125x125FF150 Q&A: Is Yogi Detox Herbal Tea secure for me to give my two year old boy?

Question by CaptainWow: Is Yogi Detox Herbal Tea safe for me to give my two year old boy?
My son is sick. He has a cold and I was questioning if I could give him some Yogi Detox Herbal Tea. It is caffeine free and the only warning I see on it is that women shouldn't drink it for the duration of pregnancy.

I went to their website and cannot uncover anything saying otherwise.


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Answer by like2foto
i could not discover an answer either.

until you know the answer for sure i would say play it secure and go purchase some tea especially for youngsters (throat coat, tummy comfort, cold care).

you could also give him some mint tea (boiled water poured over fresh mint from the grocery retailer, steep three minutes and serve. no honey if he is congested)

great luck!

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