125x125FF150 Is there an herbal remedy for breast cysts that will not lower my milk production?
4194823642 eefaa65208 m Is there an herbal remedy for breast cysts that will not lower my milk production?

Question by annmic: Is there an herbal remedy for breast cysts that won't reduce my milk production?
I have several cysts in my left breast. They had been lately diagnosed by ultrasound. I'd like to prevent needle aspiration if probable and really like the notion of a natural or herbal remedy. I'm nonetheless breastfeeding my nearly five month old daughter and don't want to jeopardize my milk provide although. Any concepts?

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Answer by John Whittington
lymphatic drainage massage. contact a massage school if you do not know a technician that does the lymphatic drainage massage. this gets rid of several difficulties of the immune program. the lymph technique is the other circulatory method,.

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    1053177058 eb855f09c6 m What is the finest medicine or herbal remedy for hair loss?

    Question by san: What is the best medicine or herbal remedy for hair loss?
    i had long, thick hair and now it has been cut in order for it to be thick again! also let me know where it comes from if a herbal remedy.PLEASE HELP.

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    Answer by Rach
    here, this may help

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      Question by Pink Lady: What is the greatest Herbal remedy for infertility?
      I have had irregular cycles given that they started. Does anyone know the finest herbal remedy for this? My husband and I are preparing a family members and I do not know when I am ovaluating. My medical doctor says I am, but not on a constant basis. Please help. I am 34 I can't wait any longer.

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      Answer by Abundant Love and Blessings two U
      Sperm taken vaginally 3x day-to-day.

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