125x125FF150 Introducing A Triple Action Detox For Full Colon Cleansing

Philadelphia, Pa, March, 18, 2006 (PRWEB) March 24, 2006

C.M.T. Enterprises, a recognized leader in the herbal wellbeing care business, is proud to announce the release of it newest and most anticipated product. "Cleanse That Colon" is a revolutionary new colon cleanse remedy.

Not like any other colon cleansing item on the marketplace right now, "Cleanse That Colon" is the 1st and only "Triple Action Detox" accessible. Their proprietary blend of herbal ingredients is formulated to rid the body of impacted fecal matter, kill all stages of human parasites, and balance Ph to promote beneficial flora replacement. These ingredients are combined to make it the most comprehensive colon cleansing recipe.

Obtainable now, "Cleanse That Colon" can be ordered thru their site, http://www.cleansethatcolon.com, as nicely as finer well being food retailers and spas in the Philadelphia location. Soon to be distributed nationwide, "Cleanse That Colon" is intended to assist relieve the signs and symptoms of many human disorders which includes constipation, bloating, parasitic and yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis as effectively as a host of other chronic illness. More extensive details is offered on the web at http://www.cleansethatcolon.com.


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